Momax Q.Mag Power 6 Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack 5000mAh

| IP106E
A pocket-sized wireless charger with a magnetic design that fits perfectly with your phone.For mobile phones with wireless charging (USB-C PD fast charging input/output).
Strong magnetic adsorption, ultra-thin body, compatible with iPhone 13 / 12 series or above series of mobile phones.
15W wireless charging Compatible with 5W/7.5W/10W or other Qi devices.
Built-in 5000mAh (IP106) battery capacity.
12mm ultra-thin aluminum shell design, the first choice for emergency power supply.
Smooth body touch, metallic edge, stylish and beautiful.
Battery packs are protected against overcurrent and overvoltage for durability and safety.
Built-in safety protection against overcharge and short circuit.

Instructions and Warranty

Dimensions/Weight: 102 x 63 x 12mm / 133g (IP106)

Color: Space Gray/Silver/Pink/Sky Peak
Hong Kong licensed, 2 years warranty

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NPR 3,000

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